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Full list of services to follow...but needless to say a full FemDom service is provided.  Just to give you a flavour:

Anal training, forced femme, cbt, CP, mind games, watersports,human ashtray, objectification, restraint, body worship, tasking, chastity control, maid training, forced bi, contracts, domestic servitude, multi slave sessions and much much more.   Mistress Sarah can be available to join sessions should slaves desire - the appropriate tribute must be paid. 

tvMistress Paula is very broadminded and caters for most needs. 


Female domination and BDSM services is not prositution.


I have just had my first session with Mistress Paula and will be visiting time and time again I hope. How do I describe this TV Goddess? I rang the doorbell with a little apprehension but was more than put at ease by the PVC clad Goddess that admitted me.


Like her, the property was clean and immaculate. From the start it was clear this was no clock watching Pro but a Domme who understands her calling from all sides. Ushered up to a delightful playroom Mistress seated herself crossing her beautiful legs encased in seemed stockings and red platform shoes. Carefully and with genuine interest she enquired into my likes and dislikes my experience and goals.


Throughout she wanted eye contact. It quickly emerged this was no money grabbing domme but a true Mistress of her art. The pleasantries over I was politely but firmly asked to remove my clothes and fold them neatly. From my kneeling position I was permitted a view of her gorgeous arse perfectly outlined in the PVC skirt. After worshiping her from foot to throbbing pussy my training began. I do not propose to trouble you with my peccadilloes but suffice it to say I was released of my need on several occasions. Throughout her artistry and dominance there was coaxing and leading my mind until my head spun.


Slut Crystal September 2008



I had my first session with Mistress Paula on Friday and it was great. She was firm but fair and it was clear from the minute I arrived that she was very professional. She played games with my mind that I have never experianced before and will never forget. Really enjoyed myself and will visting again soon. Thankyou Mistress.

Slave Mike November 2009


Paula is a Mistress and a half.  She got me going man.  Best experience I have had with a TV.  Sorry Mistress but you are a dirty bitch...!

Slut Nicole May 2010


Fucking Horny

Jim June 2010


I have visited many Mistresses and TV Mistresses in my time but Miss Paula is kind when she needs to be and a right cow when you want.  She totally gets it and what I needed.  Very welcoming and does not clock watch.  Actually quite generous.  You will not be disappointed and I have been to see Mistress Paula many times now. In fact six times and its consistent in intensity whilst giving me the variety I need to be fulfilled.  A MUST SEE tv...! :)

Slave Gary June 2010

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